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  1. past of create

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Creation may refer to:
In religion and philosophy:
  • Creation (theology), the belief that one or more deities brought the universe into existence.
    • Creatio ex nihilo (English: Creation from nothing), the belief that a deity created the universe from nothing at all, rather than some pre-existing matter or energy.
    • Creation according to Genesis, the creation account in the book of Genesis for Judaism and Christianity.
    • Creationism, an ideology generally associated with not just God creating the universe, but also certain specific events afterward including the creation of animals and mankind.
  • Creation Festival, an annual Christian music festival held in Mount Union, Pennsylvania and George, Washington
In science:
  • Matter creation, the appearance of elementary particles, in physical processes such as pair production; the process opposite of annihilation.
    • Creation operator, an operator that increases the number of particles in a given state by one; an abstract representation of matter creation.
  • Invention, the act of creating a new process or device
In the arts:
In media:

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